Richfield Public Schools Calendar – Richfield Public Schools is a school district located in Richfield, Minnesota, USA. Richfield Public Schools consists of several schools serving students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

  1. Richfield High School: Serving grades 9-12, Richfield High School offers a comprehensive high school education with various academic and extracurricular programs.
  2. Richfield Middle School: Serving grades 6-8, Richfield Middle School provides middle-level education for students during their transitional years.
  3. Four Elementary Schools: Richfield Public Schools has several elementary schools serving students from pre-kindergarten through grade 5. The names and locations of these elementary schools may vary, so I recommend checking the official website for details.

Richfield Public Schools Calendar

Richfield Public Schools Calendar 2023-24

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Presidents’ Day
  • Spring Break (dates can vary)
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veterans Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Winter Break (often includes Christmas and New Year’s)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Richfield Public Schools Hours

School hours might look like this for different grade levels:

  • Elementary School (Grades K-5): Typically, elementary schools start between 8:00 AM and 9:00 AM and end between 3:00 PM and 4:00 PM. There may be variations, so check with your specific elementary school for exact hours.
  • Middle School (Grades 6-8): Middle schools often have slightly different hours. They might start around 8:30 AM and end around 3:30 PM.
  • High School (Grades 9-12): High schools typically start earlier, often around 7:30 AM, and end in the afternoon, around 2:30 PM. Some high schools may have later start times.

There are some exceptions and additional programs that may have associated fees:

Out-of-District Students: Students who live outside the boundaries of Richfield Public Schools may be required to pay tuition fees if they wish to attend schools within the district.

The tuition amount for non-resident students can vary and is typically determined by the school district. If you are considering enrolling a student who does not reside in the district, you should contact the school district directly for information on tuition rates and enrollment procedures for non-resident students.

Preschool and Early Childhood Programs: Some school districts offer optional preschool and early childhood programs that may have tuition fees associated with them. If you are interested in enrolling a child in a preschool program offered by Richfield Public Schools, you should inquire about any tuition fees that may apply.

Extracurricular and Activity Fees: Richfield Public Schools, like many school districts, may charge fees for specific extracurricular activities, sports programs, and certain school-sponsored clubs or events. These fees can vary depending on the activity and grade level. Be sure to check with the specific school or program for details on any fees associated with extracurricular activities.

Richfield Public Schools Activities

Richfield Public Schools, like many school districts, offers a variety of activities and programs for students, including extracurricular activities and clubs.

  1. Sports and Athletics: Many schools offer a range of sports teams, including basketball, soccer, volleyball, track and field, cross country, and more. These teams typically compete against other schools and may have both varsity and junior varsity levels.
  2. Music and Performing Arts: Students interested in music can participate in band, orchestra, choir, and drama programs. Schools often organize musical performances, concerts, and theater productions.
  3. Student Government: Student government or student council allows students to take on leadership roles, plan events, and represent their peers in school decisions.
  4. Academic Clubs: Schools may offer academic clubs such as math clubs, science clubs, debate teams, and robotics clubs for students who want to explore specific subjects in more depth.
  5. Community Service Clubs: These clubs focus on community service and volunteer opportunities, helping students develop a sense of social responsibility.
  6. Art and Creative Clubs: Art, photography, and creative writing clubs provide outlets for students to express themselves creatively.
  7. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Programs: Some schools offer STEM-focused clubs and activities that promote interest and skill development in STEM fields.
  8. Cultural and Diversity Clubs: These clubs celebrate cultural diversity and promote understanding among students from different backgrounds.
  9. Environmental and Sustainability Clubs: Students interested in environmental issues may participate in clubs that focus on sustainability, conservation, and environmental awareness.
  10. Hobby and Interest Clubs: Schools often have clubs that cater to specific hobbies or interests, such as gardening, chess, or gaming.
  11. Health and Wellness Programs: Some schools offer health and wellness activities like yoga, fitness clubs, or health education programs.
  12. Field Trips and Educational Excursions: Schools may organize field trips to museums, nature reserves, historical sites, and other educational destinations.
  13. Summer Enrichment Programs: Some schools offer summer programs and camps to keep students engaged and learning during the summer break.