When Does School Start in Arizona – In Arizona, school start dates can vary between school districts and even among different schools within the same district. Generally, schools in Arizona start in late July to early August. The specific start date depends on factors such as the district’s academic calendar, local policies, and any adjustments made due to holidays or other considerations. 

For example, some school districts in Arizona might begin their academic year in late July, while others could start in early August. It’s important to note that the start date can change from year to year based on these factors. 

When Does School Start in Arizona 2023

When Does School Start in Arizona

To get accurate and up-to-date information about the exact school start date for a specific school district in Arizona, I recommend visiting the official website of the Arizona Department of Education or the website of the school district you’re interested in. These sources will provide the most current academic calendar information, including the start date for the upcoming school year. Check out here the NYC School Calendar

School District  Level  Start Date 
Phoenix Unified  Elementary  July 29 
Tucson School District  Middle  August 5 
Mesa Public Schools  High School  July 31 
Scottsdale Schools  Elementary  August 2 
Tempe Union High  Middle  August 6 

When is the first day of school in Arizona [When Does School Start in Arizona]

In Arizona, the first day of school generally falls in the month of August. The exact date can vary from year to year and between different school districts. Typically, schools in Arizona start their academic year in late July or early August. The school year often begins with a few days of orientation and preparation before full instructional days commence. 


Month  Event  Details 
August  First Day of School  August 10, 2023 
September  Labor Day  September 4, 2023 
October  Fall Break  October 9-13, 2023 
November  Veterans Day  November 11, 2023 
  Thanksgiving Break  November 23-24, 2023 
December  Winter Break  December 18, 2023 – January 1, 2024 
January  Martin Luther King Jr. Day  January 15, 2024 
February  Presidents’ Day  February 19, 2024 
March  Spring Break  March 12-16, 2024 
April  Good Friday  April 6, 2024 
May  Memorial Day  May 28, 2024 
  Last Day of School  May 31, 2024 

Throughout the school year, there are various holidays and breaks, including Labor Day in September, Fall Break in October, Veterans Day in November, Thanksgiving Break in November, Winter Break in December-January, Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January, Presidents’ Day in February, Spring Break in March, Good Friday in April, and Memorial Day in May. The school year typically concludes in late May or early June, with the last day of school marking the end of the academic year.